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Universal Columns

Universal columns, (also known as H-columns or UCs, are another type of structural steel member that are commonly used in construction projects. Unlike universal beams, universal columns have a symmetric I-shaped or H Shaped cross-section.

Columns are equal in height and width and also tend to increase in weight quicker than beams do. They are generally used for posts for propping up beams but they can also be used to span openings and act as lintels as well. 

Like Universal Beams, the dimensions of universal columns vary depending on their specific application and load-bearing requirements. They are typically made from mild steel, which can be easily welded and cut to size. Some universal columns may be galvanized or coated to protect against corrosion.

There are also many ways in which we can fabricate steel columns. This includes connecting into other columns and beams, making steel lintels by welding lengths of steel flat to hold blockwork and splicing for ease of access or other structural requirement.

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