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Universal Beams

Universal beams (also known as Steel Beams, I Beams, RSJ’s and Builders Beams) are structural steel members with an I-shaped cross-section that are commonly used in construction projects.

The beam consists of two horizontal flanges and a vertical web that connects them. The Web of a beam is usually longer than the flanges are wide, giving them their distinctive I shape. 

Universal beams are used in a wide variety of applications, including in the construction of Houses, Extensions, Barns and other structures where strength and rigidity are important. 

The dimensions of universal beams vary depending on their specific application and load-bearing requirements. They are typically made from mild steel, which can be easily welded and cut to size. Some universal beams may be galvanized or coated to protect against corrosion.

There are also many ways in which we can fabricate steel beams. This includes connecting into other beams and columns, making steel lintels by welding lengths of steel flat to hold blockwork and splicing for ease of access or other structural requirement. 

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