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Parallel Flange Channel (PFC)

A Parallel Flange Channel (PFC), often referred to as a C-channel, is a type of structural steel profile characterised by its distinctive “C” shape. It features two parallel flanges, or flat horizontal surfaces, connected by a vertical web at a right angle.

PFCs are widely used in construction and due to their strength, versatility, and load-bearing capabilities. The parallel flanges provide structural support and help distribute loads efficiently. The vertical web offers additional stability against both vertical and lateral forces.

These channels come in various sizes, allowing for use in different applications. The dimensions of a PFC are usually indicated by its depth (measured vertically from the top of one flange to the bottom of the other), Width (measured from the back of the web to the front of the flanges) and weight per linear metre.

PFCs are employed in a variety of construction projects, such as building frames, support structures, and wind posts. They can serve as beams or columns, offering sturdy support for loads while allowing for flexibility in design. PFCs are often used in combination with other steel profiles to create robust frameworks in various structural scenarios.

The material used for PFCs is typically mild steel in grade S355. They usually come Self colour or painted red oxide. But they can also be coated or galvanized to enhance their resistance to corrosion, extending their lifespan in outdoor or humid environments.

At Cotswold Steel we can also fabricate these to requirement. This includes detail such as end plates, bolting as pairs, Connecting to or through other steelwork, splicing and frame builds.

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