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Flat Bar / Flat Plate

A steel flat, also known as a flat bar or flat plate, is a type of metal profile characterised by its rectangular cross-section and relatively wide surface. It is produced by rolling or pressing flat a piece of steel stock, resulting in a shape with straight edges and a uniform thickness.

Steel flats come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit different purposes. The dimensions of a steel flat are typically specified by its width and thickness (For example 100×10).

The flat shape of these steel profiles offers a broad surface area, making them ideal for applications that require load distribution, support, or attachment. Steel flats are often used as support beams, braces, brackets, and connecting elements in construction projects. The most common fabrication element that flats are used for is welding to the bottom of beams over doorways to take blockwork above.

The material used for steel flats is typically mild steel, which is known for its weldability, strength, and versatility. In some cases, alloys or stainless steel may be used for specialized applications. Steel flats can also be coated, painted, or treated to enhance their corrosion resistance.

Steel flats are fundamental components in various industries and construction projects. Their flat, rectangular shape provides ample surface area for load-bearing, connecting, and supporting purposes. They are used to manufacture 90% of steel-to-steel connections and are one of our most frequently used products.

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