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Cutting & Bending

Working from bar bending schedules provided by our customers, we can produce a wide range of bar shapes, in a variety of different diameter Rebar. This material is usually then used to put into concrete foundations in order to strengthen the bond of the concrete and hold it in tension.

If you have a schedule for reinforcement required for your project, please don’t hesitate to send off a request for a quote to our helpful team! This can be done using the link below.

If you would like to see an example of the schedules we work off then click the button below!

Example Bar Bending Schedule

This image shows an example of a bar bending schedule that you might receive from a structural engineer when undertaking ground work. 

It lists in order the bar size, quantity (per plot and total), Total length, Shape code and listed bend diameters. This gives us all the information that we need in order to provide you with a quote and the final material! 

If you would like to better understand the shape codes then please click here to see a Shape Code Chart. This shows the codes and an example of the shapes that should be achieved. 

One of the most common types of cut and bent arrangements we asked for are Reinforcing Cages. You can find out more about these below

Cage Material
& Prefab Rebar Cages

Pictured to the right is an example of the type of bends required to create a reinforcing cage. These items are used to reinforce deeper areas of concrete, especially around the edges of the desired area. 

They are made up of long lengths of bar tied together with rectangular shaped pieces of rebar. These can be received loose and tied together onsite using tying wire or 8″ bag ties (both of which we can provide). Alternatively they can be supplied prefabricated (welded together) in order to reduce work onsite. Whilst this increases the cost and lead time, it does mean that the cages can simply be lifted from our vehicles and dropped straight into the foundation area with minimal tying. 

Whether you require prefab or loose supply cages we can easily assist with this upon the submission of a bending schedule and RC drawing arrangement.

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